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B​elow are the team lists and game draw for the Wildfire Challenge.  The Wildfire Challenge will be run over the next four weeks and will consist of 3 rounds and a finals week. Games will be 2 x 18 minute halves with a running clock. 


Senior boys are playing a 3x3 half court hustle. The boys will be play 2 x 20 minute games (running clock).  First to 21 or highest score wins. 


If you are wanting to play and can not find your name on a team list please call Cathy on 0438 557 343.

Freshman boys teams

Lakers - Kingston, Azor, Gabriel, Logan, Tayib, Samuel.  Coach: Brian

Clippers - Andre B, Michael B, Joshua N, Jack L, Thomas A. Coach: Michael

Mavericks - Daniel D, Jovi, Brad, Jack, Marcus. Coach: Don

Warriors - Andre M, Jayden, Jacob, Cooper, Sebastian. Coach: Adam

Junior Varsity Teams

Thunder -  Mathew C, Jordan M, Alex N, Isaac K, Harry L, Mitchell M
Spurs - Nikola A, Keenan F, Liam T, Kyan W, Liam N, Marcus M
Heat - Adam O, Adam A, Kyal B, Jordan K, Dylan S, Milos S
Hornets - Adam M, Kosta S, Adrian Jude N, Elijah A, Alexander S, Benji V


Senior Varsity Teams - 3x3 Half Court Hustle - rules here:


Duke     - Nicholas, Miguel, Paul, George, Jaerhyn, Coach: Miki

Tarheels – Connor, Isaac, Aeden, Taiga, Samuel, Coach: Mariam

Wizards - Jaymarc, Anthony, Zachary, Simun, Arvin,  Coach: Rod

Cavaliers – Billy, Lucas, Christopher, Kaiser, Dylan, Coach Anthony

Junior Girls

Jayhawks - Amina, Stephanie, Rachel, Casey, Hailey, Jessica, Tijana  Coach: Rod

Stars - Aliya, Zarah, Mia, Lara, Lily, Mikaela   Coach: Adam

Eagles - Emilia, Rocio, Javiera, Lucia, Delilah, Emily   Coach: Anthony

Angels - Ana, Chelsea, Callie, Stella, Rose, Isabella    Coach: Miki

Senior Girls

Cougars - Maddie, Cote, Kayla, Torrens, Jasmina

Rocketts - Danijela, Jonnah, Laura, Sam, Marta

Hot Shots - Sonia, Danielle, Kirsten, Kamaria, Monique

Mustangs - Sienna, Jylianne, Anna, Rachel,

3 x 3 Half Court Hustle Rules:


  • 2 x 20 min games (running clock)

  • First team to 21 or highest score

  • 1x 60 sec time out per team per match

  • Score by 1's and 2's

  • After a basket, defense takes the ball out immediately and get past 3 point line

  • After dead ball, check at the top

  • Jump ball goes to defense

  • 1 free throw on a 1 pointer foul

  • 2 free throws on a 2 pointer foul

  • Sub during dead ball, no ref call needed

  • 14 sec shot clock (if no clock, 2nd ref manage 14 sec shot clock, count down from 5)

  • 1 shot bonus after 8 fouls

  • 2 shot bonus after 10 fouls

  • Tied game - half court shot, then 3's until decided

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