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junior Mixed competition

Saturday Summer 23/24 Mixed Competition



Congratulations to the following grand final teams who will be playing on Saturday to be crowned our Summer 23/24 Season champions.


Under 10s Age Division:

Roadrunners Vs Jump Warriors - Court 1 @ 11:00am

Under 12s Age Division:

Jump Suns Vs Sparks - Court 2 @ 11:00am

Under 14s Age Division:

Chefs Vs Raptors - Court 1 @ 12:30pm

Under 16s Age Division:

Shooting Stars Vs Mavericks Court 2 @ 12:30pm

*Our Winter 2024 Season is coming up in Term 2, Week 1 (Saturday 4th May).

Don't forget to register:

Competition Overview

The Saturday Competition is geared for mixed genders and social players in mind. Typically players new to the sport or looking to play with friends.
Tuesday Competition at Mt Annan is Wildfire's competitively focused competition.

Teams: Following last season, Wildfire will again support primarily girls only teams and/or mixed gender teams in the Saturday Mixed Comp.


- Wildfire may split players from a pre-registered team in an attempt to achieve competition balance.

- Wildfire may enter a primarily all girls team into any of the age divisions.

- Limit of three Rep players per team (no more than two Rep players on the court at any time).

- Games are recorded as Win or Loss, no point differentials or stats recorded.

- If a team is winning by a margin of 18 points of more regularly, Wildfire reserve the right to move them up or down an Age Group or Division in an effort to maintain a balanced competition.

- Players are permitted to join mid-season, fees will adjusted for games remaining in the season.

- Players must not age out of the Division throughout the season.i.e. A player can't turn 16 throughout the U16s Competition season dates.

- Wildfire reserves the right to review the rules, teams and make adjustments to the competition at our discretion. 


Game times: TBC
Younger age groups generally starting earlier in the day.

Games are two 18 minute halves


All players are required to wear Wildfire Reversible Jerseys (available via Wildfire Store).

Club teams may wear their personalised jerseys displaying a Wildfire Logo also.

Location: Entry via Gate 2, Flynn Avenue MIDDLETON GRANGE 2171

Venue Anchor
Wildfire - THAC_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Game Times now available via the GameDay App


All members must also be registered with Basketball NSW.
For more information on why you need to register with BNSW, please refer to

Basketball NSW annual registration fees - $84.00 for 8-11 years / $104.00 for 12-17 year 

Reduce your fees by $50 by using your active kids voucher:

To claim your active kids voucher click on the link below then email the voucher back to us to reduce your fees by $50

If you require additional information now or throughout the season please email:

Team Registration Form
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