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local competition
tuesday's at mount annan

Summer 2023/24 GRAND FINALS
Tuesday 9th April 2024

Congratulations to the following teams who have won through in their Age Divisions and will be playing Grand Final games this coming Tuesday 9th April 2024:

Under 16s:

Bricklayers Vs Sonics - Court 1 - 6:00pm tip off

Under 18s:

Monkeys Vs Ballers - 7:00 pm tip off

Competition Adjustments

U12s & U14s - Moved to Saturdays

- Saturday U12s & U14s Mixed Comp at Thomas Hassall Anglican College 

- If a team is winning (or losing) by a margin of 18 points of more per game, Wildfire reserve the right to move them up or down an Age Group 'or' Division in an effort to maintain a balanced competition.

- In addition to the above, the cap on Rep players per team has been lifted. Should the team in Wildfire's opinion excel, Wildfire reserve the right to move the team up an Age Group or Division.


- Wildfire will not move players from within a pre-registered set Team, but rather move the Team as a whole across Age or Division Groups.

- If roster spots are available, mid-season players will be accepted, fees will be reduced to reflect games remaining in the season.

- Players must not age out of the Division throughout the season.
i.e. A player can't turn 16 throughout the U16s Competition season dates.

- Wildfire reserves the right to review the rules, teams and make adjustments accordingly to ensure the balance of the competition.


All players are required to wear Wildfire Reversible Jerseys.
(Available via the Store)

Club Teams are permitted to wear Club Jerseys displaying the Wildfire Logo.

Venue: Mt.Annan Leisure Centre - 368 Welling Dr, Mount Annan NSW 2567

Game times: 5:20pm first tip off till 8:30pm last tip off
Games are two 18 minute halves

Game Times on GameDay App


All members must also be registered with Basketball NSW.
For more information on why you need to register with BNSW, please refer to

Basketball NSW annual registration fees - $104.00 for 12-17 years 

Reduce your fees by $50 by using your active kids voucher:

To claim your active kids voucher click on the link below then email the voucher back to us to reduce your fees by $50

If you require additional information now or throughout the season please email:

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