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Expressions oF Interest

Want to lead a club?  Interested in coaching?  Be a part of a Start Up organisation? 


We are looking for passionate people to help us improve and expand our local competition. We need club managers, coaches and anyone itching to get off the sideline and get more involved in the local comp. 


Step 1 is to read the FAQ below and contact to register your interest or ask a question. Targeting to have new clubs up and running for the Summer 2022 comp. 


Clubs - FAQ

Why is Wildfire Basketball introducing a club system to its local competitions?


Having clubs that compete in basketball competitions is a great way to bring not only a more competitive edge, create some rivalry, but to make our local competitions more colourful and exciting on game day as well.


As the number of junior players in Wildfire Competitions increases as they already recently have, we are hoping to place these clubs throughout the region to be able to accommodate the increase in demand for basketball programs, competitions and trainings, but more importantly give some definition for basketball to the very large South Western Sydney region which we represent.


Clubs are aimed at bringing more families closer to being involved in Wildfire Basketball and gives opportunity to develop not only great junior players but club Coaches and Managers as well.


Clubs are also a great way to meet new friends and also introduce your friends to play basketball in a club team in a Wildfire Basketball competition.


It’s about creating a bigger and better way for all of us to be part of the Wildfire Basketball family.


What are the benefits of playing for a Wildfire club team?


When you sign on to play for a club you will be given a Wildfire club membership for the season.


As a club member, you will be entitled to:


  • Purchase or lease your club singlet from Wildfire basketball

  • Train weekly at our venues, operated by our qualified coaches

  • Be nominated for Wests Leagues club sportsperson of the month with prizes and awards

  • Attend all special Wildfire training and school holiday camps at club member rates

  • Volunteering opportunities in coaching and managing teams


Will it cost me anything to play in a Wildfire Club Team?


There is no additional registration cost to become a member of a Wildfire Basketball club. The only cost you are responsible for is your Wildfire competition fee and your Basketball NSW registration which is what you would be paying now.


You will need to wear a club singlet to games, which will be made available to you to either as a purchase outright, or lease for the season from Wildfire basketball.


Club members can take advantage of an additional season pass of club academy training, held at one of our venues. This training is aimed for club level players and will work through basketball fundamentals and teamplay, conducted by Wildfire development and Club coaches.


What is the best way to join a Wildfire club?


If you are currently playing in a Wildfire junior competition, the easiest way is to take you and your teammates and choose a club for the next season.


Once our club leads are announced, you will be able to contact them about nominating a whole team, or as an individual player. We will help with team placement for players who don’t have a team already.


If you have any further questions about club memberships and joining a club team, you can speak to Wildfire Administration and the Wildfire Club Director who will have full access to all club placements and availabilities.


Please remember that there will be plenty of opportunities for all Wildfire Basketball players to join a Wildfire club, and we are encouraging all of our junior to be part of this.


Expressions of Interest to join Wildfire Clubs will commence in April 2022 to commence in winter competition August 2022. Stay tuned for details and updates.


What if I don’t want to join a Wildfire Club, can I still play in a Wildfire Competition?


Of course you can. Not everybody or every team will want to be part of a Wildfire Club and can still join any of our competitions in their own team as they are now. Nothing changes - Just turn up in your Wildfire Navy/Orange singlet and play! If you have any questions about team placements here, Wildfire Administration will still be more than happy to help.


Do I have to join the Wildfire Club Academy training if I become a Wildfire Club member?


No, you don’t have to join the Wildfire Club Academy.


Although this program is designed to give opportunity to all of our junior Wildfire players for quality training and development, so they can get the full benefit of training and getting the most out of game day!


Who will manage the clubs?


The clubs will individually be managed by their Club Leads. We will be asking for expressions of interest for Club Leads, Coaches and Team managers to be part of clubs and their teams in the new year.


Club Leads will work with the Wildfire Club Director and the Competitions Managers regarding all matters. Over time, we will work together to improve the standard of the local competition.


More questions???


Wildfire Basketball will be releasing more information about clubs and inviting expressions of interest commencing early 2022, along with an open forum for all our members. We will be more than happy to discuss the detail about the clubs and the best way to get involved, and hopefully answer all your questions before we kick off in Summer 2022.

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