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high performance training

CVBA's High Peformance Program helps identify and develop athletes skillset who aspire to trial in our upcoming 2024 representative basketball season.

Wildfire will host an 8 week program leading into 2024 Representative Team Selections.

4th of August till 22nd of September
Thomas Hassall Anglican College


Boys & Girls

For players aiming to trial for Youth League Men's & Women's for 2024

Every friday 8pm-9:30pm



8 Week program - $200 per player

Valid BNSW Registration (Check here)


Thank you for Registering. Wildfire will email you a confirmation with next steps. You can make payment via the cart below.

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All members must also be registered with Basketball NSW.
For more information on why you need to register with BNSW, please refer to


Basketball NSW annual registration fees - $130.00 for 17+

Reduce your fess by $50 by using your active kids voucher:

To claim your active kids voucher click on the link below then email the voucher back to us to reduce your fees by $50

If you require additional information now or throughout the season please email:

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