Junior / Senior Rep Trials 2021

2021 Trials are now complete click here to see if you have been listed on one of our squads:   https://www.wildfirebasketball.org.au/2021-representative-squads

Camden Valley Wildfire Representative Trials will take place in November 2020 with squads being announced in December and final teams being named in January 2021 prior to returning to training.

Step 1: Check the times, venues and age groups below carefully

Step 2: Complete the registration form at the bottom of this page

Step 3: Pay your trial fee of $20 at the first trial

* Any player who has played Representative Basketball for another Association in the past will be required to provide a permission to trial form signed by their prior Association before trialling. Download form HERE


Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before your session 

Players may be cut after the second trial

Please wear a reversible jersey or bring 2 colours one light / one dark

* All players selected in a representative team must be playing in one of Camden Valley Wildfires local     


Register for our 2021 Rep Trials
Select Your Age Group

Thank you for submitting your details. Please bring a ball, water bottle and your $20 to the first week of trials. If you have played Rerpresentative Basketball for another Association in the past you will be required to bring a signed permission to trial form from your prior Association.