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men's Senior competition July 2023

Sunday Night Men’s at Mt.Annan Leisure Centre

         New Season - 


Team Registrations - Now Open


Season start - 

14 round competition (not including finals).
Games will be played between 3pm - 8pm.

No games on public holidays, long weekends. Competition breaks over Christmas / New Years holidays.


Venue: Mt. Annan Leisure Centre - 368 Welling Dr, Mount Annan NSW 2567

Two Referees per game

No Bench / No Duty required


$1,500 team fee – Team Captain is responsible for fees – Wildfire will not chase individual players for outstanding fees.

$200 - Non Refundable Team deposit


The remaining is payable over the season – We will reach out to organise payment plan.
If there are fees outstanding – Team cannot take the court


Camden Valley Basketball Association is registered with Basketball NSW.
All players must be registered with Basketball NSW in order to play and be insured.






Team Jerseys


Teams source their own jerseys, they will need to match the FIBA requirements.

Notably - Number clearly visible on the front AND back, no pockets on shorts.

Rule Changes

- Sin Bin 
Player's assessed with a technical or unsportsmanlike foul during a game will be required to leave the court for a period of no less than 5 (in-game) minutes. I
f substitutes are available, this player may be replaced. Should the same player be assessed with a 2nd technical or unsportsmanlike foul, s/he will be ejected from the game and the stadium.


- Technical Foul Limit
Where a person receives a three Technical or Unsportsmanlike Foul during the season (all Divisions & Teams), the player will be suspended for one rostered playing week.

Where a person receives a fourth Technical or Unsportsmanlike Foul during the season the player will be suspended for two rostered playing weeks and will be referred to an Administrative Tribunal.

For more information email:

Game Times now available via the GameDay App

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