SHOTZ Rep Prep Shooting Clinic

Do you want to stand out in the crowd at Rep Trials this year?

Wildfire SHOTZ Shooting Clinic is designed to build a great shot from the ground up. We have broken down the mechanics of a great shooting technique and teach these young athletes by constructing strong foundations and providing a better understanding of what a good shooting technique looks and feels like. We teach them how to train and retain these mechanics as well as how to evaluate and make adjustments based on results of the previous shot.


We progress these sessions by:

  • applying variations to footwork (inside - outside, outside - inside, hopping into a shot, turning)

  • teaching how to gather the ball (from a pass, or a dribble) straight to the shot

  • how and when to be shot ready (body posture and positioning)

  • how to move without the ball (coming off different types of screens into a shot - game like situations)

  • how to create space and separation (time and space) from a defender

  • training decision making - helping athletes to understand what a good shot in a game situation is (when is the right time or situation for an athlete to take the shot?).

We aim to give our athletes the opportunity to take hundreds of shots at each session. Good technique in repetition is key.

Dates, Times and Location:

Tuesdays        13, 20, 27 October + 3 November       6.00pm to 7.30pm

Wednesdays   14, 21, 28 October + 4 November       6.00pm to 7.30pm

Michael Wenden Leisure Centre - 62 Cabramatta Ave, Miller

Cost: $50 for 4 weeks (Tuesday only)

         $50 for 4 weeks (Wednesday only)

         $90 for 4 weeks (Tuesday and Wednesday nights)

Ages: Under 12's to Under 18's

Limited places available


Reserve your spot by visiting the shop and selecting Rep Prep Shooting Clinic to finalise your payment.

Sorry, both SHOTZ sessions are now full.